Why Atheist converted to Islam

August 19, 2015

There is always a one reason that people converts to Islam because. They want to know the reason of life which makes them comfortable. With Islam and they starts loving our religion. This is the only fast growing religion.

Story of an unknown Ex-Atheist girl

Atheist girl who latterly converted to Islam listen her story by us (interpreters):
The girl wrote a letter where he apologized if his story going to be long. The girl was grown up in an atheist family. Her family used to hate every religion this is not about a particular religion but converting. Yourself to any religion makes sense because nobody leaves his old life style and religious values. Without logics. Her mother used told her that she was a child it was the tradition that. When the local priest past by the people had to bow down, and she told to his daughter. That her mother and father refused to do that. Because, they would not like to bow for anyone else.

But her mother always interested in other religions especially when it comes to Islam, however not because she believed in God (she didn’t believe in anything – may Allah forgive her) but in her free time she was involved in social with Moroccan people (youth, organizing, a new mosque)

She visited Morocco 4 times in total (once with an organisation of social houses, twice with her daughter (before she was Muslim) and the last time 2 months before she died) – because she loved the country and culture so much that she cannot help herself to stay away.
She was also a student of the university where she studied comparative religions – especially Islam; the girl and mother also moved to a neighborhood where there lived lots of Muslims. Because, she liked that people so much.

The girl also grew up with Moroccan people (especially in his teen-years he had lots of friends – may Allah forgive him for the things she did); however Alhamdulillah Allah always protected her, because she was in lots of dangerous situations and nothing really bad happened to him.

The boys she knew never were very religious, lots of them didn’t even do Ramadan or anything like that which shows them Muslim. But then at age of 18 she met her latest boyfriend (before I entered Islam). He wasn’t practising either, but he told her things about his religion and that’s how she became interested in getting to know religion.
So she was always unhappy growing up, feeling like there was something missing. She didn’t know why she was living and felt that everyone would be better of if she wasn’t around. She never actually committed suicide (Alhamdulillah), because she knew it would hurt her mother so much. But she did horrible things so that people would like her (she didn’t have a mind of her own)


When a boy started to tell her about Islam and other things. However that guy was not good with her. |He use to take her money, he beat her. He betraye her with other women, he is insult her.  While she was with him, she start to change bit by bit.

Firstly, she started to avoid all wrong activities which are haram in Islam (she quit smoking, drinking alcohol, eating pork, avoiding short or small dresses) and how it becomes easier for her to follow Islam she to perform all five pillars of Islam which made her a real Muslim Shahada, Salat, Zakat, Sawm and, Hajj 2016 deals London Service which made her faith more strong and it becomes a reason why she become the true Muslim while the guy left her but she started wearing hijab and the Muslim community introduced her to her husband. Because, that boy left her and switched to the new girlfriend which was wrong but this thing taught her that everything she should does that is only for Allah.

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