Wearing Hijab is the best to avoid sins for women

August 21, 2015
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Wearing Hijab is the best to avoid sins for women

The hijab is a religious head covering for the Muslim females according to the Islamic Law. It usually covers the head the neck and hairs, and it has a veil as well to cover the face. Majority of Muslim women wear the hijab, while avoiding from wearing tight outfits. Wearing the hijab and also generally observing a modest Muslim style of dressing offers such benefits. Hijab regarded as the sign of dignity and purity. It prominent women’s innocence and pure women. It also places the wearer separate immoral behaviors linked to women who wear immodestly. Hijab seems like a shadow between innocent Muslim women and the world’s evil.

Protection by Harassment of Male

Majority of males doesn’t make lust gestures or whistle when a women wearing covering herself with hijab passes by. In reality, it is a sign of limits for men when they watch women in Hijab, that’s why, they avoid to approach such women. Muslim women have the least chance to being exploited for their maternity and beauty in difference of other women.

Focusing on women intellect

The hijab also advantages Muslim women by forcing people, especially men, to focus on her intellect, instead of, her beauty which has taken over the all advantages by beauty but intellect. Preferably judging women for her mind, the society normally tries to judge her based on physical appearance. Many people of every society feels surprising when they found an expressive, intelligent and educated.

Elimination of competition amongst women

It is a norm that people of western society sacrifices health and financial savings for plastic surgery just to have a fake beauty which has no sense, because, it is not be right word but according to situation it is a right word “show off” which they aiming behind having a fake beauty while it is not allowed. But wearing a hijab can make them free of this non sense competition of impressing others people. Wearing a hijab doesn’t have a fault or demerit and those who wear hijab have more strength and confidence as women become less mindful of their appearance and physique. While going on umrah deals 2016 hijab is necessary for travelling in Saudi Arabia but not for 2016 umrah.

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