Who are the Jinn and Iblis?

August 24, 2015
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Who are the Jinn and Iblis?

Allah has created this creature Jinn which is made up by smokeless fire and their creation aim is to worship Allah. They have an open choice like human beings who are set free to do anything whatever they want to do. Like we get good humans bad humans just like that we also have bad Jinns and good Jinns. The Jinns are also living on this earth and will be accounted for their good and bad acts which they have made since they are living on the Earth on “The Day of Judgment”.

Can we see the Jinn?

No we are not able to see Jinn unless they take the form of a human or of an animal but the Jinn can see us without putting more effort.
Prophet Sulaiman (AS) was a prophet of Allah whom Allah had given control over the Jinns. From the story of Sulaiman we learn that the Jinns are able to travel huge distances in a piece of second and that they are very strong – they carried the throne of Sheba to Sulaiman just in the blink of an eye.
Allah has given them immense power.

When were the Jinn created?

The Jinns came into creation before the creation of Mankind. In fact, we heard in the story of Prophet Adam (AS) that Iblis was also a Jinn and was in existence before Prophet Adan (AS).

Who is Iblis?

Iblis was from the Jinn and he was a greater worshiper of Allah. He was designated as a leader of the Angels. It is mentioned that there is no place on earth which left by Iblis where he had not done “Sajdah” (bending in front of Allah to worship him).
When Hazrat Adam (AS) created by Allah, Allah commanded the Angels to bow before Hazrat Adam (AS). Allah received a refusal of Iblis by saying that “I am better than Adam, you created Adam out of clay while I am created by smokeless fire!”
Iblis was from the Jinn. He was a greater worshipper of Allah. He was made the leader of the Angels. They say that there is not a place on earth where the Iblis had not done Sajdah.

Allah then exiled from the Heaven. Iblis putted a request to Allah to give him break until “The Day of Judgment”. Allah granted him this and Iblis promised (in a way of challenging) that he would try his best to cheat and misguide mankind from the “Path of Allah” – Iblis the enemy of mankind and it is become a part of Hajj services 2016 london that every pilgrim collect pebbles to throw on Iblis for misguiding them from the “Path of Allah”.

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