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Life of Hazrat Abu Bakr after Accepting Islam

August 25, 2015
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Life of Hazrat Abu Bakr after Accepting Islam

As well all know that Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) was the first caliph and the most like companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Hazrat Abu Bakr Saddique (RA) was a son of Usman Abu Quhafa. He was so sincere with his religion and he as immense credibility for spreading Islam all over the region. His love for Allah more than the siblings he had. That is why, he divorced his wife, because, she doesn’t accept Islam and name was Qutaylah bint Abd al Uzza. Abu bakr separated from his son, because, he doesn’t accepted Islam while all other children of Hazrat Abu Bakr accepted and his name was Abdul Rahman ibn Abu Bakr.

His conversion brought many people towards Islam. He convinced his intimate friends to convert to Islam. Those who were converted to Islam at the insistence of Abu Bakr were:

  • Usman Ibn Affan (he was the third caliph of Islam)
  • Al Zubayr (performed a part in the Muslim Conquest in Egypt)
  • Talha Ibn Ubayd allah
  • Abdur Rehman bin Awf (who were remain the important part of the Rashidun Caliphate)
  • Sa’d Ibn Abi Waqqas (performed a part in Islamic conquest in Persia)
  • Abu Ubaidah ibn al Jarrah (who remained commander in chief of the Rashidun army in Syria)
  • Abu Salama (Abullah bin Abdul Asad)
  • Khalid Ibn Sa’id
  • Abu Hudhaifa ibn Al Mughirah

Abu Bakr’s acceptance become a milestone for Muhammad’s mission, because, it provided a strong personalities to Islam and its projection became easy as compare to early days. Slavery was a common practice in Makkah, and many slaves accepted Islam. When an ordinary free man converted to Islam, in spite of opposition, he would enjoy protection his tribe. For slaves but there was no such protection and usually experienced the oppression.


Abu Bakr felt sympathy for the slaves and that is why he purchased 8 eight slaves (four men and four women) and then freed them, paying 40,000 dinar for their freedom. Abu Bakr was the one of those companions who took part in Hajj 2016 packages London Service and also perform the Sunnah umrah 2016 to follow the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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