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Days of Hajj

September 9, 2015

Days of Hajj

There are five days of Hajj which starts from 8th of Zilhaj (Islamic Lunar Month). Hajj ends on the 12th of Zilhaj (Islamic Lunar Month). Hajj consists on the four things Fard, Wajib, Mustahab and general instruction.

On 8thZilhaj – the first day of Hajj starts with the preparation of Hajj after Maghrib Salah of 7thZilhaj. Fulfill all the Hajj preparations during these night hours. After that preparation of Ihram – comb your hair. Neat your beard or shape up, trim your moustache, cut down your nails, and clear unwanted hairs from the body. After preparation of Ihram, take a bath with the Niyaah of Ihrma or otherwise do wadu. After that, perform Nafl Salah, then Intention and Talbiyah. After making intention and Talbiyah, follow the prohibition of Ihram. After that, you will departure to Mina. In Mina, offers last three prayers and spend night in Mina after that offer Fajr prayer there.

On 9thZilhaj – the second day of Hajj 2016 London Service, you will departure for Arafat and then you will take bath and clean yourself. After that offer Waquf e Arafat and supplicate for yourself to Allah. Masjid e Nimra will be the place where you will offer Zuhr and Asar Prayers. When sun sets in Arafat, to move Muzdaliffah without offer maghrib and reading Zikr and Talbiyah on the way. In Muzdaliffah you will offer Maghrib and Ishasalahs at the time of Isha. Zikr and Du’a this is very blessed night in which glorify Allah, recite Darood Sharif, read Quran, utter Talbiyah supplicate humbly. Collect forty nine pebbles for Rami. At the time of Fajrand  offerfarz and sunnah of Fajr Salah with gathering then perform waquf. Return to mina.


On the 10thZilhaj these will be the steps will be follow: Rami of JamrahAqabah, Stop Talbiyah, Sacrifice, Halq or Qasr, Tawaaf e Ziyarat, Sa’ey of Hajj and return to Mina. On the 11thZilhaj these are the steps to follow – Rami of Jamarat, Supplicate, Supplicate Again, Don’t Supplicate then throw seven pebble on JamrahAqabah, second time for tawaaf of Ziarah and Zikr and Ibadah. On the 12thZilhaj there following seven steps will be followed – Rami of Jamarat, Supplicate, Supplicate, then throw seven pebble on JamrahAqabah, last time for Tawaaf and Ziyarah and then last step is, Farewell Tawaaf (Tawaf e Wida). While Umrah 2016 has different terms to perform.

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