Aftermaths of Hajj

December 15, 2015
hajj packages


Hajj is a sacred ritual for all Muslims. Every Muslim is obliged to perform it at least once in their lifetime. Those who perform Hajj Packages with pure heart and virtue are to be forgiven by Allah.

After the Cheap Hajj Package is performed people are to stay the same way as they were in during the it, some people begins to bring those sinful lust, and begin doing sins. Those people aren’t accepted by Allah. Pilgrims after it should be obedient and truthful to Allah.

Showing off that you have performed. It is also considered a sin, Performing Hajj is also sacred keep it to yourself. Allah hates those who show off. The performance of itshould always have some positive aftermaths. If, it becomes negative, Allah never accepts his Hajj and all virtues of this Muslim got nullify. As we know that it teaches us the complete submission to divine evil. Kissing the black stone of Kaaba removes our all sins. So it should be more kind hearted as the aftermath of Hajj.

It recalls a sense of connection with the Prophets (PBUH): from the father. Abraham of prophets who built the Kaaba, to our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). As pilgrims visit the holy places and redo the prophets’ acts. They remember it symbolizes Monotheism (Tawheed) from its very first moment. It is the realization and affirmation of the Oneness of the Almighty. Allah has no partner one in his Essence, His Attributes and His Acts. Before the existence of the universe there was nothing but Him.


It is a reminder of the Hereafter when all the people gather in one place in Arafah and elsewhere, without differentiations or exemptions. All of them are equal in this place and no one is better than another.

Therefore people should be in the same as they were in during it..

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