Abd – Male Servants Of Allah

December 18, 2015
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Abd – Male Servants Of Allah

Abd means slave, servant, worshipper Muslims consider themselves the Abd of Allah. He is used for Male as for women Amah is used, every. Muslim is devoted to Allah by calling himself the servant of the slave of Allah. Abd is a very sacred word and it is only used when the devotion to Allah is on finest. There are many things that can be called for being truly devoted to Allah. But the most common thing is used as Abd. Find Hajj packages here.

There are many names in Islam which refers to the word Abd for example. Abdullah, the meaning of Abdullah is (Servant of Allah), again there is another example: Abdul Nabi (servant of the prophet). Just like this there are many names which uses the word Abd and many of these names relate to Allah as the servant to Allah or his Holy Prophet. There are many people around the world that uses these names for the love of their Prophet or Allah just like names starts with the name of Muhammad, there many other names that start with the word Abd. Cheap Hajj Packages can be found he

Male Servants Of Allah

Most of the time people give their children these sacred names without thinking the possibility of abusing the names themselves, abusing the kid is abusing the name so therefore people should make sure what name they are choosing in order to avoid the possible chances of committing a sin unconsciously. People can avoid these mistakes by simply getting an advice on what name should be given or chosen.

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