Tawaf and the Pilgrims

December 21, 2015
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Tawaf is one of the Islamic Pilgrims rituals. It is one of the most difficult rituals. During the time of Hajj packages and Umrah , Muslims are to circumambulate around the Kaaba seven times, in a counterclockwise direction. The circling is believed to be done in order to demonstrate the unity . As they move together with peace and equality around the kaaba.

Black Stone at the corner of Kaaba is the beginning of the circling. If possible, Muslims are to kiss or touch the stone but due to the crowd pilgrims. Who cannot kiss or touch it, can point their hand at black stone in each circuit. They are also to make Takbir Prayer every time they approach. For men it is recommended to make a hurried pace for the 1st three circuits and after that. They are recommended to be relaxed and move in an easy pace. Due to the closeness after the 4th time.

At the end of the circling, Muslims go to the Station of Ibrahim to pray two Nafl Prayer rak’ahs, and then drink water from the sacred well of Zamzam, before moving to the next stage of Cheap Hajj Packages, the Sa’yee.

Tawaf and Pilgrims

Muslims are advised to make Tawaf twice, 1st as part of the Hajj and 2nd. However due to the crowded or humidity there could be a case of carbon dioxide issue around the kaaba, which will make it difficult to make a respiration.

Ramal: is to go round the Kaaba at a jogging pace with short steps without jumping or running.
Idibaa: means exposing the right shoulder of a pilgrim by putting the upper sheet of Ihram dress under his right armpit and covering his left shoulder.

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