Wali – Holy Person Who is he

January 26, 2016
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Wali The Pious Person

Wali is an Arabic word meaning “custodian”, “protector”, “helper”. It is someone who has “walayah” (authority or guardianship) over somebody else.  For example, in fiqh, a father is wali of his children especially for his daughters in marriage. To denote one vested with the “authority if God”. Only Allah is your and His Messenger and those who believe, those who keep up prayers and pay the poor-rate while they bow. Luxury Hajj package 2016 London brings the best cheapest possible Hajj packages for Muslims in London.

However, the most common meaning of the word is that of a Muslim saint or holy person.  In Palestine the word wali means both holy man and the tomb or mausoleum of a holy man.


According to Islamic law (shari’a) a woman needs a walli Holy person that is a male custodian. After marriage the husband becomes the  Typically a father, brother or husband (a mahram) is him.

In the case of the woman’s first marriage the father or paternal grandfather is mujbir. . If there is no Muslim relative, a qadi may function as . There are only very few exceptions to this ruling, e.g. in the hanafi school of Islamic law a woman may under certain circumstances marry without a walli, if it is not her first marriage.

At least in conservative Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia, girls and women are forbidden from traveling, conducting official business, or undergoing certain medical procedures without permission from their male wali. Luxury Hajj package 2016 London have promised to bring you the most reliable source for your Hajj experts.

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