What you need to know when preparing for Umrah or Hajj

May 4, 2016

Preparing Umrah or hajj

Hajj is the annual pilgrimage to mecca and mandatory religious duty for Muslims that must be carried out at least once in the lifetime by all adult Muslims who are financially capable of undertaking the journey. Hence choosing the Hajj Umrah Experts offers low budget Five star Hajj 2016 packages with family from London with hotel and flight who has a wide offering of packages for Hajj is of importance. Hopefully, Preparing Umrah or hajj, the travel agent whom you choose will show to be your constant guide and trouble shooter for Hajj Packages London.

Talking to relatives and friends who have recently used the services of various companies in London will definitely help you to take your call. You are essential to invest effort and time in this important phase of your Hajj preparations to ensure an enjoyable trip.

Best Things to Know for Planning Your Trip

The quality of service and the vow to the comfort and the well-being of the pilgrims vary significantly amongst various travel agents offering Hajj Packages London. Make sure to ask your travel agent the following questions for better clarity about your trip.

 you will accompany by a representative of your travel agent who is well conversant in the Arabic language? If no, then will a translator be there to help you bridge the communication gap as most Saudi Authorities cannot speak in English.

Always appeal for a detailed journey of your travel well in advance. The duration of your stay in Mecca and Medina, whether the program is flexible or not are important considerations. Also have affair estimation of any additional expenses well in advance.


Items needed while your tour



An Umbrella

Pair of Sleepers

Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste mouth wash if necessary

Shampoo & Soap

Few packs of biscuits and other dry food items

Packet of tissues and Toilet Tissue Roll

Alarm Clock

Basic Medicines Disprin, Ponstan, Strepsils, Cough Syrup, Immodium

Face and hands washing soap, Detergent of cloth washing Soap

One or 2 Cups and glasses

Few pairs of socks

Nail Cutter


A small Knife for cutting fruits (Keep this in your big luggage not in hand Luggage)

Camera and Sufficient batteries take extra batteries (Keep this in your big luggage not in hand Luggage)

A prayer mats if needed.

Face cream or cold cream or Patroleum Jelly Its very hot but due to Air-conditioning it’s also very dry.

A Travel Iron

Tea Bags and Water Heater for making tea

Umrah or Hajj

You are required to carry along proper vaccination certificates for inspection by the Authorities. No food items are permission to be carried along with you. The trip is always scheduled on the 10th of the Muharram every year by Hajj Umrah Experts Luxury Hajj uk providers for family. You would also be required to declare all currencies in your possession.

All women should travel along with a Mahram when Preparing Umrah. A proof of relationship must be submitted along with the application form. After the age of 45, women can travel without a Mahram but have to submit a letter from the husband authorizing her to travel along with the Hajj Packages.

Hajj and umrah visas are not issued to people who have visited Hajj in the last 5 years. Always check your passport validity when Preparing Umrah as well as fill in the application form carefully without make any errors. Interfering with any data might call in for unwanted speculation and may lead to cancellation of the required documents. in addition to above given Information your service provier must also provide useful information to you.

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