Visit Places During Perform Hajj

June 17, 2016
Non Shifting Hajj Packages from Manchester

Make Hajj Trip More Exciting And Visit Place Of The Saudi Arabia

Hajj is an important obligation for Muslims and all those who are in good health. Must visit different places during perform Hajj at least once in a lifetime. It is true that Hajj requires a lot of devotion and it can be very exhausting; but that should not stop you from booking your Hajj travel package. However, you can make your Hajj travel even more exciting by planning an extended vacation. You can consider travelling to other well-known places in Saudi Arabia, after you accomplish Hajj. This will make your children and other family members even more excited to go to Hajj.

There are many places of attraction in Saudi Arabia. So, when talking to your Hajj travel agent about Non Shifting Hajj Packages 2016 from London, inquire about other packages that also include tour to other parts of the country. Here are the top four places that you should consider visiting when visiting Saudi Arabia:

  1. Medain Saleh

This place has a rich historical significance. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful places to visit in Saudi Arabia. You can see the remains of the ancient city Medain Saleh, in form of towers, walls and even some houses. It also offers breathtaking sceneries for the visitors.

  1. Al Masjid al Nabawi

 The Al Masjid al Nabawi was built by Holy prophet Mohammad and is currently administered by the Saudi government. It is also considered to be the world`s second holiest mosque in the world. The mosque is huge and it can accommodate huge number of worshippers and the Al Masjid al Nabawi is open for various services like learning and worshipping all-round the year.

  1. Dumat al Jundal

Dumat al Jundal is another popular attraction in Saudi Arabia. Al Jawf. This place was once occupied by many dignified people and thus it got its name from the phrase “Dumah of Stone”. You can also visit the Giant Fort which is built at an elevation of 2000ft. this place is also well known for its architectural

There are many other places of attraction in Saudi Arabia. So when planning your Hajj tour, make sure you ask your Hajj travel agent about Non Shifting Hajj Packages from Manchester include visit to other cities in Saudi Arabia to make the most of your tour.

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