Masjid-The place of Mecry

July 16, 2016

Role of Masjid in Islam

Mosque commonly known as “Masjid”. It is the Holy place of Muslim where Muslims pray to Allah. It is a sacred place. The most attractive thing of it is that it is a clean place. Muslims use to go to five times a day to offer prayer regularly.

History of Masjid

Islam is the religion of peace and affection. It teaches the mankind the basic principle of life that is Love and Peace. When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) started preaching Islam in Arab. People of Arab deny him. People use to make false statements again him.

Some of them use to refer Him as a magician and many more. This is because they don’t want to leave their forefathers religion. Even with severe calamities Holy Prophet (PBUH) continued preaching. But when those calamites went so far that they want to kill The Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Allah ordered The Holy prophet (PBUH) to migrate to Medina. The migration held in the night and Holy Prophet (PBUH) went Medina safely. People of Medina warmly welcome Him. So in Medina the Holy prophet (PBUH) laid the foundation of first Masjid of Islam with his companions.


Structure of Masjid

A Mosque is a Holy structure. The person which have the whole conduct of  Masjid is known as Imam. Imam is the Head of a Masjid. It is the duty of Imam to conduct a regular five time prayer . Its duty also includes to guide the people of a certain locality to follow the rules of Islam. Guide the people with teachings of Islam is also Imam’s role.

Now a days every Masjid has a vast hall for prayer. A beautiful dome and Minhars as well. Muslims gather there to submit themselves in front of the will of Allah five times a day. Masjids are decorated on special occasions like Ramadhan, Eid-ul-Fitr and many more.


In addition to providing place for prayer.|It is also the religious center of Muslims. Preaching and Teaching of Islam also held there.  In the past the judgment and many other activates also held in Masjid.


So we can conclude that Masjid is the most precious gift of Holy Prophet (PBUH) to Muslims. Gathering of Muslim’s  describe the peace and harmony between them.



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