Generosity Places an Important Place in Islam

July 19, 2016
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Generosity Places an Important Place in Islam

Human beings have a great sense of ethics and morality. They do not belong to any particularly religion, race and color. These qualities are the universal standard of moral system. Compassion, honesty, bravery, and justice are recognized moral values and are endorsed by all sections of life. Those people who depict treachery, corruption, fraud, cruelty are disliked in our societies. Ethical values are universal, and one of the most significant features of Islam is obedience to high moral values and good behaviors. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has always taught Muslims to possess best manners and personal traits. The high standard of high morals and manners of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) recognized him the best person in the world. And all Muslims are enjoined to follow his way of living and dealings with other fellow beings.

Generosity was among the innumerable and remarkable qualities of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).  Our beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was the most generous of people and in the month of Ramadan he showed enormous generosity. Our worldly properties are bounties and blessings from Allah Almighty, Al Kareem, the Most Generous.  Muslims have faith in that everything instigates from Allah and all will return to Him. Thus we must think that whatever we have in this world, is loan from Allah Almighty and we are enjoined to preserve and protect it. Hajj Packages for Muslims of world are now announced.

Generosity may be defined in many ways. Literally it means the readiness to give easily and freely. The religion Islam. Islam inspires this idea of generosity so much so that it is implanted in one of the five columns of Islam, the compulsory charity Zakat. The meaning of word Zakat is sanitization of the heart though; it is also the payment, from extra money, of a compulsory charity considered by Allah to deliver for all the destitute people of the community. Cheap Hajj Packages 2016 can be availed through online system now.

Allah is the One who gives us and He supposes us to share big-heartedly.  We are stimulated to be kind and selfless with our belongings, with our period and with our model conduct towards others.

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