Boundaries of Human Free Will in The Light of Islam

July 20, 2016
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Boundaries of Human Free Will in The Light of Islam

Handling free will is undoubtedly a major problem of all human beings of the world. To satisfy their will, many people lost their way and life as well. Islam has also provided panacea of this issue as well. The companions of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) never urged about free will and determinism. It is because they never felt need of it. Their belief was so strong and firm that whimsical desires and evil practices could not disturb their faith and belief. Boundaries Human Free Light Islam.

There are four dimensions of faith in divine. Knowledge comes first in this regard. It is belief of all Muslims that Allah know everything. Knows what is going on and what would happen in future. Has constant knowledge of each and everything.

He knows about all process and periods of the universe.  After knowledge, record is the another dimension of the faith in divine. It is our belief that everything is written in the preserved tablet. It displays that our all future events and actions of past are already written and protected in the complete documentation form.  Cheap Hajj Packages 2016 are the best deals for those who wish to see holy places.

Boundaries of Human Free Will

Moreover, will of Allah is another important dimension of faith. It is integral part of belief of every Muslim that what is happened and what will be happened in the world is at the mercy of will of Allah. God has wanted everything that happens and occurs in the world and heaven. Whatever He wants to occur must come to permit. It shows that Allah Almighty is the creator of each and everything exist in the universe.

Creation is the last dimension of faith according to divine.  These four perceptions and dimensions denote everything and process of life. on the whole we can say that whatever we do, refrain, every action and intention is in the knowledge of Allah Almighty. Even the accomplishment of hajj through Hajj Packages is also blessing of Allah Almighty.

In conclusion, we have real-world, a former knowledge that we do actions by our own determination and choice.  We are the master of our wills, whatever we want we can do without thinking being compelled in our choices.

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