How To Perform Muslims Hajj In Saudi Arabia

July 27, 2016
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Perform Hajj In Saudi Arabia

I performed hajj in 2015(when I was 60 years of age) along with my father. Before my hajj I was lucky to perform Umrah a few times when I am very fit and healthy. When I was going I was not well as well as it was very difficult for me to properly walk. Before our plane landing I feel high fever with weakness and vomiting.  At a point, I should cancel my flight. I became very depressed and prayed to Allah that his mercy would allow me to perform the hajj. By the payer, I got confidence that Allah answer my inner prayer. Throughout the flight I was in a sort of stupor. In the morning we arrived at Jeddah. I was amazed that after arrival at Makkah. I started getting my strength back and I could perform hajj without any kind of help. Perform Hajj Saudi Arabia.

This articles tell you that how I personally have been performed hajj in Saudi Arabia. What I have seen in the way of perform hajj here in Saudi Arabia. It is here that you realize that you are just a tiny creature enhances the feeling and knowledge of the greatness of the Allah. There are many Muslims who go there with Hajj packages to perform umrah. I was also one of them. The first time I saw the Kabbah.. I performed several steps during hajj.

Ihram is a Holy state of purity that all Muslims must assume before performing the rites of hajj and ihram. Requires different behavior changes and physical actions. Men and women wear ihram in a different way. Men shave, comb your hair and cut your nails. Bathe with the intension of ihram, don’t use perfume and other scent.

Perform Hajj Saudi Arabia

On the first day of hajj, pilgrims head to mina near mecca, where they spend their rest day. on the first night, no major rituals, so pilgrims can spend their time in praying and other pilgrims. In Mina, men and women live in the separate tent, men cannot enter women’s tents. Though husband and wives may interact with each other.

On the second of the hajj, holy guest of Allah, travel to Arafat. At this place the ritual called Waqfu begins. No specific prayer is required for the Waquf, so simply pray to Allah from your heart. Many pilgrims also spend time on the course of their life, their future, and place in their world.

 After sundown, Pilgrims go to the place is called Muzdaliffah. Here, they offer the prayer to God Maghrib and spend the night sleeping on the ground beneath the open sky. In the morning, gather pebbles and will use these for the Ramy stoning ceremony later in the day.

 After the Ramy ceremony, its necessary to offer an animals sacrifice to God. In the past, each pilgrim did this individually, whereas, today, it’s much common for pilgrims to buy sacrifice voucher. .

 Perform Hajj Saudi Arabia

Just like in the Umrah for the pilgrims who are there with cheap hajj packages, pilgrims must have their hair ritually cut.

As in the Umrah, the hajj requires pilgrims to perform the Tawaf and Sa’ey at the Ka’bah and the nearby hills. The rituals are performed during the Umrah, but it is highly recommended that these ceremonies be done only after sacrifice the animals, after the stoning and hair cutting rituals. After complete the Sa’ey and Tawaf, pilgrims release from the state of the ihram. At the end of the third, come back to mina and spend the night there in prayer.

 In the fourth and sixth day, in mina you once again participate in the stoning rituals. This time, pilgrims will not throw stone just only at the Jamrat al Aqbah but also two other monuments-the Jamrat Oolah and Jamrat Wustah. You don’t need to pray- you can return home and repeat this ritual after sundown on the fifth day.

Finally, hajj come to close, to mark the most important holy experience of your life as a Muslim, perform one final tawaf, walking around the Ka’bah seven times. Perform the farewell Tawaf, reflect on the thoughts and feelings you have experienced on hajj. After complete hajj, we traveled to Medinah, the second- holiest city is Islam. Here, we visit the holy sites as the holy prophet’s mosque and the holy tomb.

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