Tips for Muslims How to Weight Loss in Holy Ramadan

January 22, 2018
Weight Loss in Ramadan

For the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the planet make special arrangements and follow the proper guidelines for this Holy month. As we know that fasting in this sacred month is compulsory upon every Muslim. Therefore, the routine of Muslims changes in every way such as diet plan, regularly religious worships etc. According to Quran e Pak,

Oh, you who have faith in! Fasting is given to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may learn piousness and uprightness” (Holy Quran 2:183)

The Ummah of Prophet (PBUH) don’t eat during the fast in the sacred month of Ramadan from sun rises to till the sunset. Muslims can eat in two times, in Suhoor and After which absolutely is a great shift in the regular eating habits of Muslims. But Muslims can’t select that food which is suitable for their stomach.

The eating of fasting and choose right food at this time can help significantly pertaining to weight loss. If you select right food because our stomach is all day free from food and water, at the time of After, it helps you lose the weight. Some people prefer to keep fasting in the Holy Haram with Ramadan Umrah With Best Deals London. Now let us see the diet plan tips for the Muslims how to weight loss in Ramadan.

Bring Diversity to Meal

The best time to lose weight is the month of fasting, Ramadan. But one thing, just keep in your mind that eating the same thing or dieting helps you to lose the wright, isn’t true. You should try the different food but in a limited way. Just balancing your diet plan and taste everything to maintain the vitamins, pressure of blood etc.

Use of Carbohydrates

The carbohydrates are considered to slow digesting foods and nutrition’s suggest that to use that kind of food which contain carbohydrates. Because in some countries fasting duration is above 12 hours and this will help you to enjoy a good fast.

Hydration Benefit

The integral part of existing is water and consider as weight loss. In the time of Suhoor, enough water helps to enhance the metabolic rate, which in return burns more fats in the body. But, there is a danger of dehydration in the month of Ramadan because people don’t drink sufficient water which is a very harmful situation.

Evade Fats

In the Muslim’s families, during the time of After, they make and eat spicy foods. And we all know that oily things increase the body weight.

So, these are some tips for losing weights but, note one thing must walk after dinner in the month of Ramadan.