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Vancouver, BC
19˚c 21 days 5 star Vip hajj package
Starting From £ 4180 Per Passenger

5 Star Standerd Hajj Package Information

The pilgrims may get a 5* star accommodation in Makkah and Medinah with the Saudi Airline direct flight to Jeddah. It is 21 days 5 star Hajj package, with all accommodation e.g. Flights, Hajj Visa, accommodating customer at 5 star Hotel Al Marwa Rotana in Makkah and you will stay in Al Eiman Royal 5* property in Medinah. You will drive from Jeddah to Makkah via AC car (according to passengers).

Hotel Al Marwa Rotana, with direct exit to Al Haram Al Shareef, located in New Abraj Al Bait development Makkah. It is the first hotel to open in Saudi Arabia under the new brand Rayhaan Hotels & Resorts by Rotana. Al Marwa Rotana is offering 481 well-appointed rooms and suites with luxurious bathrooms and modern design complementing the values of the contemporary Arab culture. This 5 star hotel is offering an uncompromising alternative that upholds the world-class standards synonymous with the Rotana name.

Al Eiman Royal is located in the north part of The Central Area in Madinah. Al Eiman Royal Hotel is within 100 meters from the Prophet’s Mosque. Some of its rooms gave a glimpse of Mount Uhud or the mosque. The Hejaz Railway Museum is 10 minutes’ drive from Al Eiman Royal Hotel, and Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport is 20 minutes away by car.

The Hajj Umrah Experts offering a round trip transportation also with the 5 star accommodations for the groups offering Hajj, which includes or excludes the Ziyarah, as per the demands/ wishes of the customers. The driver picks you from the Jeddah airport and drop in the Makkah at your accommodation. It is on the sweet will of the customer and time of the landing in Arabia, either to go for the Ziyarah before or after the Hajj. After completing your time in Makkah, the transport is provided for the Medinah and there, the pilgrim can visit the sacred places i.e, Masjid E Nabvi, as well. At the completion of your tour, you are directed to the Jeddah airport.

Day – 1: Arrive at London Airport, meet your tour guide and check in. Arrive at Hajj Terminal Jeddah Airport, Saudi Arabia.

Day – 2: Depart Jeddah airport for Aziziya Apartments. After Isha Prayer we will get ready to perform Umrah

Day – 3: Hajj Seminar Part 1:- ''Rules of performing Hajj''. Dhur to Asar Sister's Seminar and Asar to Maghrib Men's Seminar.

Day – 4: Hajj Seminar Part 2...Continued: - ''Rules of performing Hajj'' and a brief of what to expect in the coming days for Hajj. Dhur to 15:00hrs Sister's Seminar and 15:30hrs to Asar Men's Seminar Leave for Mina in the evening by Ministry of Hajj Coaches.

Day – 5: Mina

Day – 6: Leave Mina for Arafat after Fajar Prayer (depending on which time slot has been allocated to us by the Motawiff) Arrive in Arafat, we will spend all day in Arafat until Maghrib, we then will leave Arafat for Muzdalifah after Maghrib (depending on which time slot has been allocated to us by the Motawiff). Arrive in Muzdalifah.

Day – 7: 1st day of Stoning. Leave Muzdalifa for Mina after fajar, rest for a short period and leave to stone the Jamaraat. For Tawaf 'e Ziyarat you can do this on any of the 3 days of stoning

Day – 8: 2nd day of Stoning. After Dhur Prayer leave to stoning of the Jamaraat and return to the tents in Mina

Day – 9: 3rd and final day of Stoning. After Dhur Prayer leave for stoning the Jamarat last day of stoning and return to Aziziyah

Day – 10: Free rest day

Day – 11: Check-in to Makkah Hotel, Al Marwa Rotana

Day – 12: Enjoy your free time in Makkah al-Mukkaramah

Day – 13: Enjoy your free time in Makkah al-Mukkaramah

Day – 14: Enjoy your free time in Makkah al-Mukkaramah

Day – 15: Complimentary Ziyarat of Makkah

Day – 16: Enjoy your free time in Makkah al-Mukkaramah

Day – 17: Enjoy your free time in Makkah al-Mukkaramah

Day - 18: Enjoy your final day in Makkah al-Mukkaramah

Day - 19: Check out of your hotel and leave for Medinah after Fajr Arrive to Medinah al-Munawarra. Check-in to Medinah Hotel, Al Eiman Royal

Day - 20: Complimentary Ziyarat of Medinah Munnawara

Day - 21: Leave Medinah al-Munawarra for Jeddah Airport

Day - 22: Arrive at London Heathrow Airport

Airline Flight Type Fly From Destination Availabilities
Saudi Airline (BA) Direct Flight From London Heathrow London Heathrow Jeddah Available
  • Visa is also included in the package but mofa's applications charges will apply.Anyone can apply for visa.
  • Male: No requirement.
  • Female: Under 45 may not go for Umrah without Mehram.
  • British Passport Holders: Only passport required.
  • Other Passports Holders: Need to bring previous passports and current passport with utility bill or telephone bill or bank statement.
  • NOTE: Mofa's application charges will apply.