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Term And Conditions


These terms and conditions of business identify with the travel organization administrations gave to you by Hajj Umrah Experts provided at ("us", "we") and your utilization of this site (the "travel site"). The travel site comprises of registering and data administrations and programming, info and other substance gave by Hajj Umrah Experts provided at Outsiders likewise give data, programming and other substance which may be gotten to through

On solicitation, your booking, we will arrange contracts for your sake with Hajj Umrah Experts, for instance, visa, lodgings and tour managers ("Hajj Umrah Experts"). Your booking by a method for Hajj Umrah Experts will be subject to both these terms and conditions of business and the specific terms and condition of the Hajj Umrah Experts. As this basic that you read and fathom these terms and conditions moreover, those of the Hajj Umrah Experts, which will set out your rights should something happen. When you complete your booking with us, you agree to recognize and be bound by our and the relevant Hajj Umrah Experts terms & conditions of business.

Summary of our charges and fees:

Acknowledgement of these terms and conditions affirm the charges/ service fee.  A summary of our fees and charges as referred to in these terms and conditions follows: Booking Fee (charged per person per booking - £15.00; Re-Booking Fee (charged per person per alteration to booking) - £25.00 and Cancellation Fee (charged per person per booking - £50.00.

  • 1. Warranty

1.1 Every possible effort would be carried on our part to show the accurate flight, accommodation rates at the website (subject to any later change).  If we are unable to contact you, we will treat the order as cancelled. If you cancel and you have already paid for your order, you will receive a full refund. Booking Fees and Cancellation Charges (see below) will not be refunded.

1.2 This site also, show the content and links of other sites, yet, Hajj Umrah Experts will not be liable for any transactions on the linked sites. 

1.3 Use of this site is at your risk only. Neither Hajj Umrah Experts, nothing herein provided is guaranteed by any of the agent, licensee or employees. Every content is tried to be provided as it is basis, but, without any kind of warrantees. The services are distributed on an "as is" basis without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of title or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, other than those warranties which are implied by and incapable of exclusion, restriction, or modification under applicable laws.

  • 2. Our agreement with you

2.1 These terms and conditions form the basis of your contract with Hajj Umrah Experts trading as

2.2 The package and flights with us are ATOL Protected. We hold an Air Travel Organizer's License conceded by the Civil Aviation Authority ("CAA"). Our ATOL number is ----. In the unforeseeable event of our bankruptcy, the CAA will guarantee that you are not stranded abroad and will organize to discount any cash you have paid to us for a development booking. For additional data, visit the ATOL site at

2.3 All travel arrangements are supplied based on these booking conditions, here below,.

  • 3. Booking

3.1 On making a booking you accept our terms and conditions on behalf of each, for whom you are booking.

3.2 The terms and conditions implies, either you book flights or the complete packages, including, flight, accommodation, transport and the guide etc. Copies of these conditions may be requested in writing.

3.3 On making more than one booking (for example, a flight and hotel accommodation) each booking is a distinct and separate transaction, even though they may be linked to travel dates and will not constitute a package holiday as defined by the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Travel Regulations 1992 or the Civil Aviation (Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing) Regulations 1995 unless confirmed otherwise by us prior to your booking.

3.4 In consideration of the booking and other services we provide to you, we will charge a Booking Fee per person for each air ticket or resort booking. The Booking Fee is non-refundable.

3.5 Please check all the names and other details on the booking receipt and inform us within 24 hours of receiving the booking confirmation, otherwise we will not be liable, other than any administrative error, Cancellation Charges and additional Booking Fees will be applied to alterations to your booking/s. It is therefore suggested you to inform accurate booking detail of each passenger.

4. Special Requests

If we make any request on your behalf, as, meal or seat, we will inform the Hajj Umrah Experts. At the request cannot be guaranteed so, no liability on the Hajj Umrah Experts.

5. Payments

5.1 All bookings confirmed on are processed through Easy Travel & Tours merchant account. E-ticket receipts, hotel vouchers and invoices are issued by Easy Travel & Tours Ltd.

5.2 Instead of deposits, we suggested the complete payment at the time of booking of flight or package. If you have any query regarding your payment, please contact Hajj Umrah Experts.

5.3 It is the responsibility of the customer to pay a full deposit regarding the booking prior to the date fixed, otherwise, Hajj Umrah Experts, accepts no liability for cancelation, alteration or amendment in booking or any other management full as required by these terms and conditions of business or those of the Hajj Umrah Experts.

5.4 Do consider that making a deposit at time of booking does not confirm your booking, it is subject of complete payment. If you make payment and the Hajj Umrah Experts are unable to confirm your booking with us, then you will of course receive a full refund. Please note that refunds in these circumstances will only apply to the unconfirmed booking and you will remain committed to any other bookings made at the same time and will be bound by the Hajj Umrah Experts’s cancellation policy. It is therefore important that you understand the terms and conditions of all Hajj Umrah Expertss before making payment to us upon booking.

  • 6. Credit Card Charges

Please note that surcharges may apply if you choose to pay for your booking by credit card. Additional charge of 2% by visa card and 3% by AMEX is applicable to all flight only, hotel only & package bookings.

  • 7. Low Cost Flights

7.1 Low cost flight payments are charged directly by low cost carriers. Once booking is confirmed, has no control over your booking and cannot amend, change or cancel the low cost flight reservations.

7.2 We do not mark up the fare offered by low cost airlines on your search. An administration fee of £10.00 per passenger will be charged separately by Hajj Umrah Experts for low cost flights searched & booked through

7.3 The makes no warranties with regard to low cost airlines flight cancellations, refunds or the services provided by them.

  • 8. Delivery of documents

All booking related documents will be sent to the address provided at the time of booking, so make sure that you have provided accurate address.

  • 9. Cancellation by you

9.1 If the cancellation is subject to your flight or package, all the cancellation charges, including administration charges will be applied (subject to the insurance policy you have taken from us).

9.2 Do remember that some airlines/ hotels are subject to non refundable deposits.  A Cancellation Charge of £50.00 per passenger will be applied by us in addition to any cancellation charges levied in accordance with the Hajj Umrah Expertss terms and conditions of business regardless of the value of service cancelled.

9.3 Our Cancellation Charges and Booking Fees will apply even if the Hajj Umrah Experts’s terms and conditions provide for a full refund upon cancellation.

9.4 if you have any ambiguity relating to the confirmation of your package/ flight, do ask for the agent of Hajj Umrah Experts regarding the cancellation charges, prior to booking.

  • 10. Alterations by you

10.1 When you need to bring any alteration or change in your already booked a flight/ package, then do inform us before the time. Our Cancellation Charges and Booking Fees will be additional to any administrative fee, cancellation fees and re booking charges levied by the Hajj Umrah Experts.

10.2 Some Hajj Umrah Experts (especially aerial transports) whose uncommon air fares are sometimes, are non-alterable and non-refundable as indicated on  booking affirmation page [i.e. No date changes before/after flight nor discounts will be given if drop before/after departure]. Hence a name change or whatever other change to a current booking as a scratch-off and re booking, with up to 100% dropping charges would apply. It is your obligation to guarantee that you book under the right names for yourself and your gathering as they show up in the important visa/s or travel reports. No discounts will be given for unused administrations, unless a correction or retraction has been made & concurred with us in writing, in which case the charges demonstrated above will apply.

  • 11. Cancellation by Us or the Hajj Umrah Experts

11.1 We plan to convey the travel itinerary convenient to you. Also, it is conceivable that abrogations may be fundamental because of circumstances outside our ability to control, for occurrence plan changes made via airline. In the far-fetched occasion that your travel arrangement must be wiped out we will exhort you when is sensibly conceivable and you will be offered an option administration or a full discount.

11.2 We acknowledge no obligation for any extra expenses, emerging as an aftereffect of the wiping out of your flight or your settlement reservations or bookings.

11.3 Please take note of that payment or discounts won't generally be payable when the undoing is because of occasions outside our ability to control or the Hajj Umrah Experts' control, for example, the danger of war, uproars or aggravations, terrorist activities, fire, atomic or common catastrophes, wellbeing dangers, extreme climate conditions or whatever other comparable occasions. We would prescribe that you think about obtaining as a thorough travel protection arrangement to cover misfortunes brought on by such hazard.

  • 12. Reconfirmation of flights and connecting flights

12.1 A few airlines oblige travelers to reconfirm their flights and any joining flights 24 hours or 48 hours preceding the timetable takeoff time. It is your obligation to contact the airline local office and reconfirm your flights 24 hrs or 28 hrs preceding flight and we acknowledge no risk for any misfortunes emerging from your inability to do as such. Where conceivable we will prompt you after booking if reconfirmation is obliged, however, we would stretch that you ought to contact the Hajj Umrah Experts or perspective their site for affirmation in the matter of whether reconfirmation is needed.

12.2 We can't acknowledge an obligation if you miss your flight as a consequence of your inability to reconfirm your flight times. When the Hajj Umrah Experts oblige travelers to reconfirm and you neglect to do as such, you may be declined consent to board your flight and it is far-fetched that you will get any discount. If all else fails, please contact the carrier 48 hours before your flight.

  • 13. Alteration by Us

13.1 In spite of the fact that it is impossible, we may need to roll out improvements to your travel plans and we must maintain whatever authority is needed to do as such. We will advise you of any real changes at the time of booking, or at the earliest opportunity subsequently in the event that you have officially busy. If a noteworthy change is vital, for example, an adjustment of your outward/return flights of over 12 hours, a change of resort, or decrease in standard of your hotel, you will be offered the decision of: (a) Accepting the change; or (b) Accepting an option, or; (c) Receiving a full discount of all monies paid.

13.2 If the change brings about a lessening in the aggregate expense of your travel plans, we will make a discount. Where we just go about as a booking specialist, especially on account of air tickets, we may not be advised of a noteworthy change before you travel. On the other hand, where we are advised, we will prompt you when is sensibly conceivable. In the event that the progressions are not adequate to you, we will offer you an option if accessible, or a discount. On the off chance that you picked option costs more, you must pay the distinction.

  • 14. Travel Documents, health and medical conditions and unaccompanied children

14.1 Passengers should accompany all the necessary documents related to visa and traveling otherwise Company would not be liable to repay if not sanctioned, by the Hajj Umrah Experts’s terms and conditions of business.

14.2 Remember, it is unlikely that the Hajj Umrah Expert will offer a full or a partial refund in the circumstances if passenger do not hold complete documents on his own. It is therefore directed you to check all documents before you place your booking.

14.3 You must also ensure that you are able to satisfy the Hajj Umrah Experts’s requirements in respect of children travelling unaccompanied, pregnant members of your party and passengers with medical conditions which may prevent them from boarding or travelling. We recommend you to contact Hajj Umrah Expert of any of the family or group member’s inability to travel as a result of a failure to address these issues prior to your flight.

  • 15. Unused tickets and services

15.1 We won't discount the expense of unused tickets, unless a full or halfway discount in these circumstances is affirmed by the Hajj Umrah Experts' own terms and condition of business.

15.2 We would encourage you to think about obtaining as a travel protection strategy which covers your travel, and related expenses in the occasion of the ailment, individual crisis, mishaps and defer not associated with the Hajj Umrah Expert administrations.

  • 16. Changes in Price

16.1 We reserve the right to bring any change in the price fixed at the time of booking, in case of: (i) Air fares or other transport costs; (ii) Taxes or duties payable, including new taxes introduced by any government and; (iii) Adverse changes to currency exchange rates.

16.2 In all cases we will pay any expand which is under 2% of your flight or holiday cost, excluding protection premiums or alteration expenses yet increments in abundance of 2% will be payable by you. If the expense of your flight or holiday increments by more than 10% you may choose to drop it and have a full discount. When you need to cross out you must let us know inside 7 days of being informed concerning the cost increment.

  • 17. Our Liability

17.1 Please take note of that your booking/s is/are specifically with the Hajj Umrah Experts. Unless we are careless in giving our administrations to you, we will acknowledge no risk or obligation regarding any protestation or harm emerging from any part of your booking with the Hajj Umrah Experts. We will acknowledge no obligation for any demonstration or exclusion of any individual not specifically utilized by us.

17.2 We acknowledge no risk in admiration of any matter which is auxiliary to your flight, for example, seat choice, the accessibility and nature of in-flight dinners and in-flight stimulation frameworks, the nature of the  in-flight administration, carrier check-in techniques and staff administration conveyance, air transport stuff strategies and weight limitations and charges, and air terminal landing and takeoff security and movement methods.

17.3 We acknowledge no risk in appreciation of any matter which is subordinate to your lodging booking including yet not restricted to the exact details of your room, the accessibility and nature of inn administrations, the accessibility and nature of inn catering, or any, identified with the procurement of administrations by inn representatives and administration and any remark, claim or grumbling in admiration of these matters ought to be coordinated to the important Hajj Umrah Experts.

17.4 We can't be considered in charge of any misfortune, harm, cost, objection or case which comes about because of strike or mechanical activity, unfavorable climate conditions or any demonstration of God or whatever other occasion past our sensible control.

17.5 On no occasion should we be at risk for any loss of benefit, financial misfortune, loss of goodwill, loss of income, loss of business, loss of notoriety, or loss of chance, or any aberrant or important misfortune or exceptional harm coming about because of a disappointment or postpone in our execution of the administrations secured by these terms and states of business.

17.6 Should you or any individual from your gathering endure sickness, individual harm or demise, through any misfortune joined with any action which does not structure piece of your bundle occasion, nor a piece of any outing sold through us, we might offer you or your family any help we can. Aid is given at our sensible circumspection. We are in charge of guaranteeing that your flight/occasion bundle is of a sensible standard and as portrayed to you.

  • 18. Complaints Procedure

18.1 If you have an issue amid the course of your flight/holiday, you must inform the air transport/supplier of the service, or any illustrative whose points of interest we have given to you, or phone our workplaces promptly. Inability to do as such may diminish or douse any conceivable claim by you.

18.2 We will try to put things all right as could be expected under the circumstances. We will recognize all grievances on their receipt and manage them instantly and effectively.

  • 19. Data Protection Act 1998

By reserving a place with us you consent to the utilization and exposure of the data you accommodate the accompanying purposes: to empower us to process your booking; if that you buy protection, we may transform your data and pass it to guarantors; for statistical surveying and investigation; to dodge extortion and to empower us to contact you by letter, phone or email with elements of our items, those of our suppliers.

  • 20. Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions and your agreement with us will be represented by the courts and laws of England and Wales.